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Katherine Ka Yi Liu

This week I chatted to Katherine Ka Yi Liu about what she’s been working on recently. Katherine has a long-standing interest in language and identity and the mutations they have been subjected to under colonialism.

We talk about how the Chinese language, her life in Hong-Kong, Chinese-British mashup meals and the colonial past of the city. Through anecdotal experience Katherine talks me through the changes in her cultural history and helps trace a path to the pressures of assimilation and cultural erasure written into globalisation.

Audio featured:
- Excerpt from The kind of things that we fight against everyday but they ignore us, they silence us and they are still doing it, by Katherine Ka Yi Liu

About Studio Lunches

Studio Lunches is an autonomous podcast project, supported by CCA. Its goal is to open up artists’ practices within Glasgow through conversation, exploring the diverse, obscure and intriguing interests that reside at the heart of this. The artists may be Glasgow-based or have exhibited within Glasgow at some point, influencing or being influenced by the community they find themselves in.

Studio Lunches is not intended to offer a singular vision on creative activity within the city, instead its aim is to celebrate the wide (and occasionally conflicting) variety of creative practices that continually re-shape, progress and challenge the artistic community here.