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3 Elements of Difference Disability-led Creative Movement

Mon 19 August 2019

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3 Elements of Difference is a disability-led experimental dance practice exploring improvised creative movement through sensation and imagery with disabled and non-disabled people.

Through a series of different tasks, the sessions give time to explore the sensation of moving, how it feels… while dropping any need to move in a particular way.

The 3 Elements are:

How we feel, giving time to connect to our own bodies
How we observe and witness others’ creative movements
How we connect and move with each other

The 3 elements are not designed to push our bodies. Rather, the sessions give time to notice and become interested in our different ways of moving, to become aware of details, create unfinished lines and explore movement without functionality and movements which feel creative.

Accessibility is key to our sessions. Exploring differences is our priority. We actively welcome opening up what accessibility is, for all people to feel and move creatively.

The sessions are open to all.

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3pm - 6pm, Free (unticketed), Clubroom
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