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BUZZCUT Festival

7th Solicitor // HUSS

Fri 31 March 2023

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SDH captioning

HUSS wearing a black body covering crouched on a table on a cord phone. There is a single lamp lighting the scene.

Image courtesy of the artist

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With the increasing hostility towards people seeking asylum in the UK, as a result of the Governments hostile environment policy, this show offers an insight into the reality of the visa process, in all its frustration, monotony and dehumanisation. Based on my personal experiences with the UK home office, I tell my experiences through an interaction with 7 phone calls. In the past, I have had no option but to censor my queerness and artwork for years for security reasons. After months of healing and processing, I am now ready to debut “7th Solicitor” where I no longer have to be censored for the first time.


Performers: HUSS, Caitlin Muir
Set Design: HUSS, Annie Graham
Styling: Oona Knox

Development Credits:

Buzzcut Emerging Artist Award recipient 2022, supported by BUZZCUT, Take Me Somewhere & CCA.
Creative Scotland through the open fund.

Content Warnings:

Discussion of the home office, immigration, Queer laws and family trauma.


HUSS is an Arab performance + Visual artist based in Glasgow. Tackling personal and cultural themes, his discipline involves experimenting and combining elements such as installation, sculpture, visuals and audio to culminate in immersive performance pieces. Huss uses his work as a Queer person of colour to raise issues facing the Arab world that lack acknowledgment in western society, especially queer laws and how much it has always censored and endangered artists like himself. He is always striving to produce work that both immerses and captivates audiences in unexpected ways to tackle important issues that need spoken about more.


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Tickets no longer available