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Stanley Spencer

A War Artist on Clydeside

Wed 20 August — Sun 21 September 1975

Stanley spencer

A major exhibition of the work of Berkshire born painter Stanley Spencer (1891 - 1959), the second public exhibition of this collection of Spencer's work, produced on the subject of the Glasgow Cyldeside between 1940-46.

This period of the painters life was initiated and supported by The War Artist's Advisory Committee and focused on the working men of the shipyards, these pieces have been described as "apocalyptic visions of labour" and were included in Kelvingrove Art Galleries' War Artist's exhibition in 1945.

The War Artist's Advisory Committee was a government organisation appointed by the Ministry of Information in 1939, with the directive to use art to record wartime, not just battles and life in the military but also the lives of those at home in the factories, the home guard and other voluntary groups. It was founded on "belief that it was better for artists to go on painting than to join the forces and probably be killed." - Sir Renneth Clark, WAAC Chairman.




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