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Absolute Classics

Sun 11 November 2018

Warning - this is not virtual! Become immersed in a musical journey to other worlds where you are part of how you reach your destination. We all love to hear fantastic stories, be immersed in play and journey to new and exciting destinations. The IMMERSE concert experience takes you there - for real.

IMMERSE was born out of Absolute Classics’ work in mentoring young people from Dumfries & Galloway in the creation of original compositions and video games soundscapes. Their music and audio will transport you through lingering atmospheres, echoes of other times and mysterious places. We invite you to join us in a real-world, live performance of this journey as we all reveal where it might lead…

Absolute Classics presents the IMMERSE concert experience, which also provided these young composers with an opportunity to shadow and be mentored by our team of creative professionals in the production of the event on a world-class stage. In particular with composer, arranger, sound artist and conductor - Luci Holland whose interactive audio-visual installation, Refraction was featured as one of Cryptic Nights’ events at the CCA earlier this year. Luci leads a line-up of young musicians who will be your IMMERSE tour guides.