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AC/ CCA Creative Lab Residency

Nov 2019 Call for Submissions

Fri 21 December — Mon 4 February 2019


AC/ CCA Creative Lab Residency – Nov 2019: Call for Submissions

AC Projects is pleased to announce the continuation of its residency series in collaboration with CCA at the CCA Creative Lab. This will be the sixth residency in the series and continues AC Projects' commitment to supporting artists in their development.

Through this series it has become apparent that there is an uncertainty about what a residency of this sort is. On one level it is about simply offering the space and support for an artist to contemplate what they want to do with their creative practice or how they examine how to articulate their ideas.

AC Projects offers support for artists/ musicians/ composers to challenge themselves and find new ways to approach creativity. We are looking for submissions that present ideas that are not fully formed. The residency is not about rehearsing an already developed idea but is about exploring notions of what music can be.

Artists working in or exploring music, sound, composition, live art, contemporary performance, movement, new theatre, film, video, time-based media and interdisciplinary projects with an experimental music focus are invited to submit proposals to be considered for a CCA Creative Lab residency.

Creative Lab objectives:

• An opportunity for emerging and established artists, composers or musicians to have time to develop new ideas, rather than focusing on the final outcome.
• To give artists an opportunity to show their investigations to the public and peers for feedback.
• To provide networking opportunities with other users of the building, including artists, cultural tenants and other CCA contacts.

General information:

The Creative Lab space at CCA is a light and versatile room approximately 7m x 11.70m. Technical assistance for sound and lighting can also be requested. Applicants should make it clear in the submissions if their Creative Lab would depend on technical or other provision. CCA and AC Projects has £1000 allocated for each four-week Creative Lab, which should cover any production or technical costs for in-progress showings etc.


1x four-week fixed slot: 28 Oct – 22 Nov 2019. These dates are fixed in line with availability and other projects.

Selection process:

The applications are reviewed by Alasdair Campbell, a representative from CCA and an independent arts/music practitioner.

General criteria:

• Time spent must be on development of the artist or musician's own, original work.
• Creative Lab time is for research and experimentation rather than rehearsal time.
• We are primarily looking for contemporary artists and musicians who specialise in the realisation of ideas, rather than pursuing a specialism.
• Artists will usually be required to share their work in a format to be discussed with AC Projects, such as an open studio day, an artist’s talk, or a work-in-progress performance.
• Artists must also help with evaluation and provide appropriate documentation of their Creative Lab residency.
• Artists must conform to CCA’s health & safety rules and regulations.
• Equal Opportunities will be employed in the selection of these labs in line with CCA’s policies.

To submit a proposal:

Please submit your proposal via our online submission form via the link below and follow this up by emailing your CV and supporting material to

Submission form

Please email a CV and list of artist’s experience, as a PDF document and:

• Up to eight images of recent work and/ or documentation of recent work in PDF format.
• If appropriate, up to four links in PDF format to Vimeo, Soundcloud or Dropbox links (or similar) to video documentation, moving image work and/or sound work

Deadline: Monday 4 February 2019, 6pm

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