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Africa in Motion Film Festival
Foreign Body

Sat 27 July 2019

After three highly-acclaimed feature films (Red Satin, Buried Secrets and Tunisian Spring), Foreign Body is Raja Amari’s fourth film. Seeking refuge from her radical Islamist brother, Samia arrives in France illegally. She discovers another world of hope and danger. She finds refuge with Imed, an acquaintance from her village, and then in a middle-class Parisian household, with Christine, the woman she starts to work for. A blend of infatuation, desire and fear forms between the three protagonists in this spicy, sordid and sincere melodrama.

This screening is part of Africa 3.0, a touring package of films that shows obsession as represented in cinema from across the African continent and the diaspora, focused on joy, vanity and infatuation.

Raja Amari | Tunisia/France 2016 | 1h32m | Arabic and French with English subtitles


This programme is part of Film Feels: Obsession, a UK-wide cinema season, supported by the National Lottery and BFI Film Audience Network. Explore all films and events at filmfeels.co.uk