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From Here a Home Was Imagined

AfterBUTT & I'm No Longer Listening

Fri 28 January — Thu 3 February 2022

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A mid-shot of three young men. The whole image is a pink hue in reference to BUTT magazine.

After BUTT

In this final instalment of From Here a Home Was Imagined, associate film programmer Donald Butler brings together Ian Giles 2018 film AfterBUTT, with a commissioned performance lecture, I'm No Longer Listening, written and performed by Conner Milliken with sound design by Cameron Howard.

Both the work of Ian Giles and Conner Milliken probe intergenerational relationships with queer media, theory and identity, questioning how nostalgia influences gay male aesthetics and attitudes. In Ian Giles' film, AfterBUTT, a cast of young gay men enact a table read of interviews Giles conducted with the editorial team of BUTT Magazine, a cult publication that has come to define a shift towards an 'authentic', frank and raunchy aesthetic which focused famously on hairy guys and unedited editorial features. The film explores the influences which shaped BUTT Magazine, as well the editors attitudes towards sex, the magazines lack of diversity and the decision not to reference the AIDs/HIV pandemic.

I’m no longer listening is a performative lecture, captured as an audio work, which explores queer nostalgia and generational inheritance through notions of the self. The work combines critical theory, memoir, and autofiction, accompanied by a digital soundscape, and takes the listener through fragmented narratives: of queer theory, of falling in and out of love, of family. I’m no longer listening asks the listener what queerness means to us in the present, and how might we get to another present together.

From Here a Home Was Imagined

From Here a Home Was Imagined is a programme of artist moving image works which circles around nostalgia, narratives of memorial, mediation and feelings of disappointment within Queer discourse. Across October, November and December, From Here a Home Was Imagined, will develop as a collection of enquiries into how artists relate to Queer mediation and its deployment within heteronormative conditions. Supported by newly commissioned texts, audio works and recorded conversations with artists, these materials are shared as a meandering towards articulation, evidencing an ambiguity within contemporary Queer discourse.

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