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Alana Apfel & Richard Parry Birth Work as Care Work / The Bonnot Gang

Fri 14 October 2016

Birth Work as Care Work

Birth Work as Care Work: Stories from Activist Birth Communities
Like any human act, birth and all that goes before and after it, exists only in the social context it takes place in. In this much contested sphere of reproductive labour, birth can be the eye of the storm. Join Alana Apfel, author of Birth Work as Care Work to discuss the medicalisation of birth and the politics of control of the female body and the movement of women reclaiming knowledge and collective control over our bodies.

The Bonnot Gang: The Story of the French Illegalists
Join Richard Parry and discover the story of the infamous Bonnot Gang: the most notorious French anarchists ever, and as bank expropriators the inventors of the motorized “getaway.” It is the story of how the anarchist taste for illegality developed into illegalism—the theory that theft is liberating in itself. And how a number of young anarchists met in Paris in the years before the First World War, determined to live their lives to the full, regardless of the consequences.

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