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Analogue Cult Classics: La Jetée + Un Chien Andalou

Thu 2 June 2022

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English subtitling

Wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair accessible

Superimposed image: a woman standing on a seaside promenade, and a woman walking across a grassy field.

La Jetée

CinemaAttic is delighted to offer this very special double bill of 16mm cult classics LA JETÉE by Chris Marker and UN CHIEN ANDALOU by Luis Buñuel as part of ADRIFT, a film season bringing essential world cinema to Scotland this spring.

LA JETÉE by Chris Marker

What can you say about a film that, 60 years after its premiere, is still triggering passionate discussions among an ever growing international community of followers? LA JETÉE is considered to be the film that inspired them all and one can certainly see which big titles of the sci-fi genre owe it to Chris Marker.

But the film goes far beyond that, its genre crossing and mixing, the sticking photography, the varying rhythm of the photomontage, the editing and the post-apocalyptic time travel plot. All adds to a film that is experimental out of necessity, given the ridiculously small budget its director counted with to make the film, but that carries an emotional resonance that will stay with the viewer long after finishing its mere 29 minutes of duration.


UN CHIEN ANDALOU is most likely the title that will show at the top if you do a search for “surreal movie” in any popular search engine (untested).

Buñuel and Dalí make one of the first surreal films in history. Based on dreams, made with no budget, it bears the sign of a great film, since to this day, for nearly 100 years, it still triggers different explanations of what on earth is going on in it. This is despite both Dalí´s and Buñuel's confession that the film was made to make no sense at all. The strongest thing is probably the fact that some of those theories do make sense and sound really possible.

Its beginning with the iconic eye and razor blade scene, the young girl (Simone Mareuil), the ants, the dead donkeys - it all adds up to provoke a moral impact in the viewer through an aggressive succession of images. Its narrative still looks transgressive today, but it is also very critical of any authoritarian system, like the church of the day and its influence on education and sexual repression

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English subtitling

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Tickets no longer available

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