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Iain McKay & AK Press Anarchist Organisation? WTF?

Sat 15 October 2016

Iain Mckay & AK Press Anarchist Organisation

Anarchists are sadly all too used to it – people proclaiming anarchist organisation an oxymoron. Yet anarchists have spent a lot of time both discussing organisation, not least the differences between libertarian and authoritarian kinds, and building them. This is no contradiction – for organisation has been an inherent part of anarchism from the start. Join us as we explore the history of anarchism, its ideas on association and its vision of a social organisation without a state and, just as importantly, bosses, husbands, and other private hierarchies.

This event is part of RIB Project: not by the book.

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7pm, Free (unticketed), Intermedia
0141 352 4900