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Ando Glaso's Christmas party with Gypsy music and dance

Sat 15 December 2018

Csango Tanchaz 9k4l

Charity Ando Glaso (Romani for "in tune") has established itself as a leading force in promoting and supporting Roma artists based in Glasgow and further afield. We have worked with a number of talented Roma artists over the time as well as with established gypsy jazz and Scottish folk musicians. More information is available on the charity website

Since summer 2018 Ando Glaso has started organising events at CCA in Glasgow by promoting rich Roma cultural heritage in different shapes and forms. The series of monthly events are covering various styles originated in or influenced by gypsy traditions, particularly music and dance. They start with a Transylvanian ceilidh-themed event, continue with Polish, Slovak and Romanian gypsy groups performances; explore wider gypsy jazz scene and involve Romani traditions from Spain and Balkan countries.

Although Roma cultural traditions have got a centuries-long legacy and Roma artists have been often in the forefront of virtuosity and top creativity in various genres; nowadays Romani arts do not necessarily have enough space and are frequently hard to access by mainstream audiences. This is one of the reasons why we would like to promote the Roma talent and facilitate the exposure it deserves to the wider public. Nonetheless we intend to provide a steady platform for Roma artists often from disadvantaged and vulnerable backgrounds to show their talent, develop their potential and that way essentially contribute to the vivid and diverse music scene in Glasgow and Scotland.




8pm, £8 via Eventbrite, Theatre
Tickets available soon / 0141 352 4900