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Aniara Omann

Brad Pitt

Fri 22 August — Fri 5 September 2014

Aniara Omann

This solo-exhibition by Aniara Omann consists of a series of found objects, with fabricated prosthetics applied to them. The prosthetics are cast-latex, mimicking the aesthetics and techniques of movie-prop fabrication, and widely used for creating special effects in Sci-fi and Fantasy films.

The fabricated prosthetics take the form of a second skin and make reference to something latent within the objects they are applied to. The objects themselves exist as elements in the individual’s close and wide contexts; political, natural or social.

Movie prosthetics usually and ideally exist as invisible entities within the films they are used in. They function to enhance the identity of the character they are attached to, as well as strengthen a sense of realism within the fiction.

Taken outside the context of a film, the illusion that the props are designed to create is extended out into ' the real world'. In this exhibition, the function of the prop is reversed, pointing to an obscured human relationship with the objects, as they will be taken out of their usual parts as supporting roles and given the lead instead.

Aniara Omann has studied at The Funen Art Academy (DK), and Glasgow School of Art.




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