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Thu 29 April 2021

LUNA creates a journey through the cyclical nature of life on a human and mythic level. Over two years, Anti-cool documented wild amphibians and reptiles, hoping to capture the sense of mystery surrounding life under the full moon, its effects on nature, and even changes in human behaviour.

The piece features recurring circular motifs that culminate in an abstract form of sexual activity mirroring lunar influence on the natural world. A mythic character is introduced in the form of a non-human alchemist with desires to effect changes through elemental processes. Alongside documentary footage, Anti-cool employs a multi-layered soundtrack to explore the shifts between the differing metaphors of the film.

CCA would have worked with Anti-cool via our Creative Lab residency programme in April 2020. Following conversations over the last year, we're delighted to work with them through the release of LUNA via CCA Annex.

How to view

LUNA will be available to view on [CCA Annex]( from 6pm on 29 April for eight weeks, prior to the release of the next part of the project, LUNA 2.

Join a live screening event at 6pm, followed by a short conversation between Anti-cool and Alex Misick at CCA. There will be limited places to participate in the Zoom event, while the conversation will be broadcast live over Twitch on [CCA Annex](

The event will be live captioned. Content warning: this artwork contains scenes of nudity.

Please note this event will be recorded.

About the artist

Anti-cool is a UK based artist, originally from Japan. Social systems and how peoples’ lives are influenced by our globalised society often feature as central themes. Through performance, visual arts and film, the artist attempts to create a new language for each situation. Recent exhibition and film screenings include CreART European Exhibition at Museum of Aveiro/Santa Joana (Aveiro, Portugal, 2020), Toynbee Studios, Artsadmin (London, 2019), LightNight Liverpool at Bluecoat (Liverpool, 2019), FACT (Liverpool, 2017) and Experimentica at Chapter Arts Centre (Cardiff, 2017).




As part of the launch of our new project website Annex, CCA presents LUNA, a new series of works by the artist Anti-cool.

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