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Glasgow Zine Fest

Any Room for Rest? (LGBTQ+ only)

Sun 9 July 2023

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Illustration of a person lying on their side, to the left of them a collage of images and words in a thought bubble

Image: Jules Scheele

Open to LGBTQ+ people only, ages 14+

Slow down, you’re going too fast. Take a breath, it’s ok. There’s time. We’ve made time. We will always make time. Take off those heavy shoes. Lie down, get comfortable, let your body sink into the ground. Tune in or tune out. Think free, let it pass, be light and float… off to sleep, to dreamland. Centre yourself, ground, floor, soft, relax. Listen, but lightly, smell, breathe in… 2 3 4, breathe out 2 3 4. Embrace, hold space, for your gut, your mind, your eyes, your eyes, your feet, your hands. Join Roo for a moment of rest.

Roo's Practice surrounds itself on 3 key thread, Sangat - Community, Seva - Selfless service and Ahram - rest. These workshops are focussing on Ahram, rest.

About the facilitator:

Roo Dhissou is an artist and doctoral researcher who works with communities, diasporas and her own histories. Using socially engaged practice, craft, cooking, performance and installation she explores how communal and individual identities are formed.


There will be 25 attendees maximum, and the event will feature comfort breaks. During this event, attendees will participate in: sound/music, movement, resting, lying down, meditating, reading, being, reposing, snoring

You may be asked to wear a mask at this event.

This event will take place at the Centre for Contemporary Arts on Sauchiehall Street. For information about venue accessibility at the CCA please visit their website.

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