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Scottish Queer International Film Festival

Are you into emotional edging?

Wed 27 September 2023

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SDH captioning

SDH captioning

BSL interpretation

BSL interpretation

Wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair accessible

Audio description available

Blurred imagery of a close-up shot of a man’s face, with black circles drawn on his eyes

Bigger on the Inside

Join us for a journey of conscious and unconscious thoughts. This screening features distinct experimental shorts made by trans and non-binary people that focuses on the varied ways our community tell stories of forming and navigating relationships, both digitally and in real life.

The films in this programme utilise archival footage, found footage, digital glitch, chemical abstraction, digital animation, layered imagery, and direct animation to explore the telling of our stories.

Milo Clenshaw will be hosting a panel discussion after the screening with special guests Hogan Seidel, director of The Backside of God, and Jamie Crewe, director of A Luxury.

Curated by Indigo Korres.

Content Warnings:
- Discussion of transphobia, misogyny, religious views, homophobia, emotional edging, mental health, sex;
- Depiction of masturbation, sex.

Access Notes:
- Glitchy imagery

Accessibility Information

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Tickets: Free, £2, £4, £6, £8, £10


SDH captioning

BSL interpretation

Wheelchair accessible

Audio description available

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