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Queer East Film Festival

Artists’ Moving Images: Destination: Other Worlds + Q&A

Fri 7 October 2022

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English subtitling

Wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair accessible

A dark night, a drenched face, gazing up towards the moon from underwater.

A Spider Fever and Other Disappearing Islands, dir. Natalie Khoo

Ranging from ghosts to AI, mermaids to musicals, digital animation to Super 8 - this shorts programme features artist moving image works that centre speculation, imagination, and dreaming as key strategies, shifting our notion of what is and could be possible.

Inventing mythologies, cosmologies, and systems that depart from normative sense-making become bridges to worlds beyond the internalised fictions of capitalist fixity.

Grounded in queering as an imaginative praxis, these films by queer Southeast and East Asian filmmakers ask: how might we find and grow pockets of the eerie, comical, or cosmical in the everyday, and what might these adventures enable?


Shapeshifter(s) (2021) / 2 min / Khairullah Rahim / Singapore
Shapeshifter(s) is an experimental short film that looks into the uncanny parallel between the policing of pigeons and marginalised folks.

A.I. Mama (2020) / 5 min / Asuka Lin / US

A young programmer attempts to revive their lost mother by building an A.I. with human memories.

TR333 (2021) / 10 min / April Lin 林森 / UK

A speculative documentary imagines a new type of tree and invites you to a conversation with the inhabitant spirit.

Datafication Act 1 : May Ian Valley 0101 (2021) / 5 min / Yarli Allison / UK

A mixed-media film imagining the daily influences of AI emergence and gamification on one's behaviour, taking the most intimate sexual encounters as departure.

How to Become a True Post-Human (2020) / 6 min / Dew Kim (aka Huh Need-you) / South Korea

An attempt to discover an escape from the existing order, to be reborn as a post-human being.

Book of Permutation = Tale of a Dying House (2021) / 9 min / Nuka Nayu and Harry Appleyard / UK

A story of incantation and birth in the form of a funeral, as told by window-keeper spirits in a house.

Commissioned as part of the Bagri Foundation's Chang/ce series.

A Spider, Fever, and Other Disappearing Islands (2021) / 21 min / Natalie Khoo / Singapore

An experimental documentary which connects the director’s migration from the Indonesian Riau Islands to Singapore with a spider spirit’s migratory route, where memories of colonial ghosts, sisterhood, and disappearance are woven together.

Ex Nilalang: From Creature ~ From Creation (EP 4) (2017) / 14 min / Club Ate (Justin Shoulder & Bhenji Ra) / Australia

The final work in a series of films that uses myth as a form to explore the intersections of queer identities of the Filipino diaspora.

Cambrian Explosion (2016) / 2 min / Fuyuhiko Takata / Japan

A mermaid dreams of becoming human in this gory, romantic music video.

Cut (2004) / 13 min / Royston Tan / Singapore

A musical, all-singing, all-dancing, attack on censorship in Singaporean movies.

This programme is curated by artist-filmmaker April Lin 林森

This screening will be followed by an in-person Q&A with artist-curator April Lin 林森, moderated by Joanne Lee, artist and programmer.

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English subtitling

Wheelchair accessible

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