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Blueprint: Theorem presents Cleek

Sat 19 January 2019


Jacob Cleek is a quiet, well-presented artist, who keeps himself to himself, but hides a dark secret. When homeless women begin to disappear from the streets of a small Scottish town, a police officer, recently forced to retire, begins to investigate whilst Jacob Cleek's quiet organised world is thrown into disarray with the unexpected arrival of a childhood friend. Threatened with exposure and the possibility of losing control of his reality, he must do whatever he can to stop his world from crumbling.

Wildcat Media / Hewitt & Bryce Production
2018 / 109 minutes / Scotland
English Language
Writer / Director: Gary J Hewitt
Producer: Christina Littleson
Director Of Photography: David Donaldson
Editors: David Donaldson / Gary J Hewitt
Music: John McFarlane
Starring: Mark Barrett / Simon Weir / Sharon Osdin / John Love

Event Collection

Part of Blueprint Theorem #




6.30pm, Free (unticketed), Cinema / 15+