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Blueprint: Theorem presents Con Men

Sun 20 January 2019

Con Men

Con Men is a gritty noir thriller revealing the darker side of professional hustlers, gangsters and crooks in Glasgow's infamous underworld. Two very different con artists join forces to go after their late mentor's last big score, but when their scam is revealed, they must face the consequences of stealing from the wrong mark. Con Men features jewellery scams, underground card games and a bloodstained basement leading to a killer climax. A modern twist on the classic genre of lies and deception, Con Men introduces a nest of vipers where trust can be fatal and nothing is what it seems.

2015 / 90 minutes / Scotland
Writer / Director / Editor R. Paul Wilson
Producers Lauren Lamarr / Stuart Cadenhead / R. Paul Wilson
Director Of Photography John Young
Sound Iain Anderson / David McKeitch
Music Reyn Ouwehand
Starring Paul Comrie / Tom Moriarty / Sarah-Beth Brown / Atta Yaqub

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Part of Blueprint Theorem #




3.30pm, Free (unticketed), Cinema / 15+