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Blueprint: Theorem presents Knox

Sat 19 January 2019


Nominated at the BAFTA Scotland New Talent awards 2016 for Best Factual, Knox is a documentary feature exploring the life and legacy of Scottish reformer John Knox. From Scotland to Germany and Switzerland, the film follows the footsteps of John Knox from Catholic priest to Protestant preacher. Featuring dramatic animations and wide ranging interviews, Philip Todd guides us through this complex history of a man who, five centuries after his death, is both valued and vilified.

Trinity Digital Ltd
2016 / 77 minutes / Scotland
English Language
Writers Murdo Macleod / Philip Todd
Producer / Director Murdo Macleod
Director Of Photography Julie D. Dunn / Paul Forest
Editor Philip Todd
Sound Kurosh Kani
Music Charlie Wilkins
Animator Amanda Aiken
Presenter Philip Todd / Featuring Stuart Falconer as the voice of John Knox

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Part of Blueprint Theorem #




1.30pm, Free (unticketed), Cinema / 12+
0141 352 4900