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Blueprint: Theorem presents Starcache

Sun 20 January 2019


Legendary Glasgow performer Douglas Sannachan presents his directorial debut, simultaneously creating a new B Movie genre – “Slasher Cacher.”

A murdered inventor has left a one million pound cache hidden in the surrounds of Glasgow. As eager Cachers follow the clues to the hidden treasure, an escaped convict appears intent on picking off the Cachers one by one – in ever more ingenious and hilarious ways. With rapid pacing, a joke in almost every frame and ensemble cast littered with cameos from Scottish theatre and television Starcache is destined to be the most fun you will have at a cinema all year.

Artisani Productions
2018 / 83 minutes / Scotland
English Language
Writer / Producer / Director Douglas Sannachan
Director of Photography Scott Watson
Editor Gerry Clark
Music Composer Gerry Clark
Starring Victor Kennedy, Robert Yates, Clair Mychael, Andrew McGeachie, Allan Tall, Carole Anders, Ian Sides, Roberta Childs, Michelle Gallagher, Alan McCafferty, Sandra McNeeley

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Part of Blueprint Theorem #




6pm, Free (unticketed), Cinema / 15+