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Blueprint: Theorem presents Where Do We Go From Here?

Sat 19 January 2019

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When Jen begins a new job in an elderly care home, she is surprised to find twenty-five year old James living and working in the building. With Jen's help, James learns to see a bigger world and in the face of institutional hostility, an anarchic plan is hatched for a rejuvenating road trip for James and his elderly best friends. Where Do We Go From Here? is arguably the most important Scottish feature film of the past five years and is an exuberant burst of cinematic joy with its effortless mix of on the button laughs and profound human observations.

Where Do We Go From Here?
Worrying Drake Productions
2015 / 82 minutes / Scotland
English Language
Writer / Director / Editor John McPhail
Producers Lauren Lamarr / Andew Lanni
Director Of Photography Grant McPhee
Sound Claire Asenova / Karen Imbusch / David McKeitch
Music Tyler Collins
Starring Tyler Collins / Lucy-Jane Quinlan / Alison Peebles / Richard Addison / Maryam Hamidi / Deirdre Murray / Jim Sweeney

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