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Blueprint: Theorem presents Xanadu

Sat 19 January 2019


Richard Butler is a divorced, thirty-something novelist and author of the best selling, yet critically derided, Buchanan Saga. A chance encounter in a local pub with a mysterious, otherworldly postman changes Richard's life forever when he awakes the following day trapped in the world in which his novels are set. Richard must escape this prison of his subconscious and, when finally confronted with a life-changing decision, write the next chapter in his own life. Xanadu is metaphysical comedy of self realisation, which is Scottish independent cinema's perfect riposte to Spike Jonze's Adaption.

Tempest Productions
2013 / 73 minutes / Scotland
English Language
Writers John Reynolds / Dominic Reynolds
Producers John Reynolds / Dominic Reynolds
Director Dominic Reynolds
Director Of Photography Scott Masson / Dominic Reynolds
Editor Dominic Reynolds
Sound Jennifer Ruxton
Music Jamie Soar

Event Collection

Part of Blueprint Theorem #




4pm, Free (unticketed), Cinema / 15+