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Body Awareness Workshop with Patricia Panther

Thu 18 July 2019

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As a physical performer the need to be fit, energised, alert and ready to take your body through gruelling time tables and the physical demands of performance, requires the body to be as conditioned, injury free and healthy as possible.

Patricia Panther believes the main reason she has been able to sustain herself through such processes is Shiatsu. As a qualified Shiatsu therapist she has had to learn about the body, its energetic pathways and how something as simple as touch aids recovery. We will be looking into how Shiatsu combined with yogic stretches, breath and body awareness can help you delve into the creative depths that lie within the body.

This class will be an informal talk and open discussion into the structure of the body, acupressure points and creativity. The event is wheelchair accessible.


This event is part of the programme for V/DA | Sonic Seance: The Gathering.

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2pm-3.30pm, Free but ticketed, Clubroom
Book online / 0141 352 4900