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Pilot Press

Book Launch: Ingress

Thu 8 June 2023

Wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair accessible

Relaxed event

Relaxed event

A hand holds a large three-pronged fork with a worm hanging off one of the prongs.


Please join Pilot Press for the Glasgow launch of ‘Ingress’ by Kate Morgan.

For the event, Morgan will be in conversation with Dr Rosa Campbell, a writer and academic of twentieth and twenty-first century queer literature at University of St Andrews.

Ingress is an unwieldy body of writing that attends to intimacies between selves and others, objects and sites, considering how a difference of position, pronoun and voice might render these in unique ways. In doing so, Morgan's work speaks to a particular state of being in the world, of materiality, of loss, of gendered experience, of cultivation and of the act of writing itself. An experiment in form as argument, Ingress was written over the course of two years from a tenement flat with a garden in Glasgow.

‘I loved this strange, accomplished book and its account of porosity and seepage on many planes. It’s tender, sexy, sly and dextrous, moving relentlessly along deep channels, emerging unexpectedly into sweet air, alert to language at every step.’

— Olivia Laing, author of Everybody: A Book About Freedom

‘Kate Morgan’s Ingress is a startling, many-headed meditation on language, art, and the natural world, opening you up to sensations and collapsing interior and exterior. A garden becomes a text becomes a body. The personal and the analytic mingle and slyly astonish. Morgan is one of those magicians who suspends reality through precision and excavation, digging deeper into experience, and also one of those metaphysicians who finds meaning at-hand in the daily and then disperses it all to be gathered again. This result is potent, moving, and mysterious.’

— Nate Lippens, author of My Dead Book: A Novel

Kate Morgan is a writer and artist from London, living in Glasgow. Their writing has been published by Sticky Fingers, Nothing Personal, MAP, Worms, and in anthologies by Pilot Press.

Dr Rosa Campbell is Associate Lecturer in Modern and Contemporary Literature at the University of St Andrews. She is a poetry scholar specialising in the work of twentieth and twenty-first century American women and queer writers. Her primary research and teaching interests include ideas of marginalisation and the “canon,” the relationship between poetry and visual art, and feminist/queer theory. Alongside her monograph-in-progress on a feminist revision to the New York School, her current research focus is the American poet and playwright V.R. “Bunny” Lang. She is also a poet, and the author of Pothos (2021), a book-length lyric essay on grief and houseplants.

Pilot Press is the imprint of multidisciplinary artist Richard Porter. It was started in 2017 as an attempt to a recover a philosophy of publishing lost to AIDS and capitalism. It has a non-profit model, investing all its income into printing more books. Recent titles include My Dead Book: A Novel by Nate Lippens, Solitary Pleasure: Selected Poems, Journals and Ephemera of John Wieners, and in Autumn 2023, a reprint of the AIDS-themed poetry collection Argento Series by the late new narrative writer, Kevin Killian.

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This event has been moved from CCA Courtyard to Intermedia Gallery, on the second floor of CCA.

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