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Romany Dear

Movement Workshop: Boundary Objects, Pleasure is the desired horizon

Thu 2 November 2023

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Wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair accessible

Relaxed event

Relaxed event

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A white person with long dark hair in a red dress, they on the floor with their arm in the air making a peace sign.

Image credit: Monica Munioz

This workshop will offer invitations, sharing exercises and scores that seek for pleasure making moments, (understanding, that pleasure is no simple place, and that pleasure seeking looks, feels, moves and manifests very differently for each one of us) The workshop poses pleasure as the desired horizon, accepting that we may not reach the horizon(s), but it is the dream. Through what Romany calls Boundary Objects, (inspired and informed by the work of Lygia Clarks, relational objects and by her recent collaborations with Juan Beatncuth) Romany will invite everyone to seek possible doors to finding pleasure in what we do and in how we do it. It's not a given, there's no guarantee, there's no refund (it's free anyway ;) …. and yes, it's a high risk practice.

This workshop begins from the place after falling (not understanding falling only as - or - from a place of ableist verticality) but yes, to falling and precarity and loosing control and feeling and moving and being moved by… and yes to honouring the option and place of - for - and in - horizontality. From here, we will seek pleasure - from the floor level - from the ground level - from looking at the stars' level.

It's an invitation to stay with the horizon - (tal), and to explore the possible relations to + with these “Boundary objects”, it will be an exploration session using different objects, materials, devices and extensions in proximity to the body -ies (the distance of closeness is for each one to measure). The workshop is an invitation towards a somatic, sensory, movement based exploration between body- ies and objects - between matters and materials, between the liminal and the xxx, between the felt and the imagined, moving together towards the desired horizon - s of pleasure seeking.

Touch + ing is an option. (btw: we are always being touched and - or in touch with something ?! That blew my mind when i read it for the first time)

Consent is a must. And we each choose what we (are) touch - ing and are being touched by - with - from.

You seek your pleasure spot - s.

If you’d like to join Romany for this workshop, please book ( its free but ticketed) If you have any questions, doubts etc regarding the above information, please email

Please wear whatever makes you feel good (remember- pleasure is the desired horizon) bring layers, socks in case it gets cold. (It's Glasgow and it's November?!) There will be water available in the space.


The CCA is wheelchair friendly and the clubroom can be accessed by the lift. The workshop is also free to attend. If you have specific travel needs and - or - if this is a barrier for attending, please email romany directly, and - or - if you have any other particular access needs and or requirements regarding the workshop.


The workshop will be delivered in English.

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11:00am — 1:00pm

Doors open: 10:30am



14+ accompanied by an adult


Free but ticketed


Wheelchair accessible

Relaxed event

Verbal description

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