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Scottish Queer International Film Festival

Building Community with LGBT Unity

Fri 29 September 2023

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SDH captioning

BSL interpretation

BSL interpretation

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Crowded street at Highland Pride featuring the Queer Youth Arts Collective members and their artwork.

Queer Youth Arts Collective

In the summer of 2023, SQIFF and LGBT Unity hosted filmmaking workshops for queer asylum seekers and refugees. The workshops were facilitated by filmmakers Campbell X and Ambroise of Paradax Period, and focused on not only storytelling, filming and editing, but also building community and creating accessible ways to make films.

In this screening, we bring you all the shorts made during this workshop series, followed by a small Q&A where Campbell X and Ambroise talk about this process with some of the participants.

Presented in partnership with LGBT Unity Scotland, a community-led group providing essential support to LGBTQIA+ refugees, asylum seekers, and other migrants.

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SDH captioning

BSL interpretation

Live captioning

Tickets no longer available

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Various directors, UK, N/C 16+, English and Portuguese audio