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CANCELLED Butoh Dance Workshop

Sun 9 February 2020


We regret that this event has been cancelled.

Butoh is an immersive dance form originating in Japan and dubbed the ‘Dance of Darkness’. This class uses gravity-awareness exercises to dissolve tension and rich imagery to awaken the Imagination-Body.

Everyone is welcome, with no experience needed. These workshops are suitable for performers and anyone interested in expanding their notion of what a human body can be. We are not performing for each other so much as dropping our daily body habits to uncover the Imagination hidden beneath.

We use physical awareness exercises drawn from Noguchi Gymnastics and Body Weather. These help us to remove tension, move with less effort and make friends with gravity. Moving meditation exercises aim to increase our physical honesty and ability to listen to body energies. Then through Image work and improvisation we experience how surrendering to images frees our bodies into dance.

Paul Michael Henry has studied Butoh dance with renowned teachers including Yoshito Ohno, Yukio Waguri, Kayo Mikami, Seisaku & Yuri, Tadashi Endo, Yumiko Yoshioka, Imre Thormann, Yuko Kaseki, Masaki Iwana and Gyohei Zaitsu.These workshops are his synthesis of these experiences and his own research.

This workshop welcomes those of all physical abilities. Contact Paul for discount block booking via Follow the group on Facebook.




12noon - 4pm, £20 (£15) + £1 booking fee, Clubroom
0141 352 4900