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//BUZZCUT// Double Thrills Associateship 2019 Call for Submissions

Tue 30 October — Fri 23 November 2018

Buzzcut Associateship

//BUZZCUT// Double Thrills will return throughout 2019, with six events taking over the Centre for Contemporary Art with radical performance practises from local, national and international artists. Alongside this we are piloting several new artist development opportunities including the Emerging Artist Award and the Double Thrills Associateship.

To apply, please fill in your Online Application Form

Application Information

The Associateship is an opportunity for a Scotland-based artist to fully immerse themselves in the Double Thrills project over 2019, contributing to discussions around the events and development opportunities and undertaking a funded 3-week residency to develop new ideas surrounding their practice.

//BUZZCUT// was founded by artists and remains committed to centring artists voices at all stages of planning and delivery. The Associateship is an opportunity for us to develop a deeper relationship with an artist over one year, holistically support their practice and make space for them to contribute to the future shape of Double Thrills.

The Associateship provides:

£2250 Bursary

3-weeks residency space within the Intermedia Gallery based in CCA (dates 20th May - 9th June)

Advocacy and advice from the //BUZZCUT// team throughout 2019

The //BUZZCUT// Associateship is a tailored programme and so there may be other opportunities that come up through discussion, responding to the specific needs of the artist. These may include: organising an industry sharing of a new work, a performance slot at Double Thrills, an artist talk etc.

The Associate is expected to do the following:

Attend all Double Thrills events (3 dates in Spring and 3 dates in Autumn 2019)

Attend four meetings with the //BUZZCUT// team to discuss the shape of their associateship and contribute to discussions surrounding Double Thrills

Be available for the full duration of the residency (20th May - 9th June)

Support with evaluation of the associateship at the end of the year

Eligibility / Criteria

Applicants must be based in Scotland and have been working professionally in Live Art and/or contemporary performance for over 2 years.

The opportunity is open to artist duos and collectives.

This opportunity is not open to those in Undergraduate or Postgraduate education.

If the applicant lives outside of Glasgow, travel costs must be factored into the £2250 bursary.

We are looking for artists working in Live Art and contemporary performance. We understand these terms are difficult to define but we consider it as work which experiments with the possibilities of the live event. We have worked with artists whose work draws from theatre, visual art, dance, cabaret, club performance, music and activism, yet there is always a commitment to exploring liveness and the possibilities within it, pushing their forms to previously unexplored territory. We are open to work that sits within a standard studio set up, is durational, sited outdoors, developed for one audience member or small audiences and we are open to other forms and contexts. As a general rule we don’t support new writing, plays, poetry, or circus.

To get a better idea of the work we support take a look at previous Buzzcut Festivals and Double Thrills programmes. If you’re still unsure whether your work is within our remit – please feel free to get in touch before the application deadline.

Applications will be assessed on the quality of the ideas and inquiries being proposed for the residency, and the timeliness of the opportunity at this point in the applicants practice.

Residency Information

The Intermedia Gallery is a white walled gallery space. The CCA can offer basic technical support throughout the residency (PA, several lights etc.) however specific equipment hire requests may need to be factored into the £2250.


We especially welcome applications from d/Deaf and disabled artists. We are more than happy to discuss any access requirements you may have and will shape the associateship in a way to best support you and your work. Please refer to CCA’s Access Statement via the link.


Deadline for Submissions: 17:00 23 November 2018

Applicants notified: 14 December 2018

Associateship: February - December 2019

Applications are reviewed by Karl Taylor & Daisy Douglas (//BUZZCUT//) and Alex Misick (CCA).

Application Questions

Q.1 Let us know about your practice and your recent achievements (maximum 250 words)

Q.2 Let us know what ideas you wish to explore during the Associateship, including the three week residency in May. You can describe research questions, what form you are working with and potential outcomes of the year (it’s fine if you don’t know the outcomes at this stage) (maximum 350 words)

Q.3 In what way will this associateship benefit the development of your current practice? (maximum 200 words)

Supporting Documentation

You’re welcome to submit up to 3 images and up to 2 video links to documentation of your previous work and a CV detailing your previous work.

Alternative application formats

We welcome applications in alternative formats, you can submit a video or sound application (answering the questions in up to 3 minutes).

If you have any questions or would like to request an alternative method of applying, please email

Please fill in your Online Application Form for the Associateship application. The deadline is 23 November at 17:00.

Double Thrills is made possible with funding from Creative Scotland through the Open Project Fund and support from the Centre for Contemporary Arts.