BUZZCUT: DOUBLE THRILLS presents Daniel Oliver + Ultimate Dancer (BSL)

Wed 14 December 2016

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BUZZCUT'S DOUBLE THRILLS has its final blow out of the year!

Daniel Oliver // Weird Séance
BSL interpreted by Catherine King

Weird Séances are raucously deconstructionist, roughly layered participatory performances about participatory performance.

Each show is haphazardly crow-barred into its site and context; rejigged, added to, undone and perverted so that no two performances are the same.

We are in the future looking back on the traumatic incident that occurred right here, in this space, during Daniel’s show.

Returning to the site to partially reconstruct the tragic performance, to discuss blame, and to attempt to make amends with those who survived.

'Beginning as a bumble and closing in a hilarious, warm, merciless satire of the conventions of live art, it blasts any concerns about sentiment or self-congratulation into jagged fragments'. 5 STARS
THE STAGE - Review of Weird Seance: MAX DYSPR-AXES, Forest Fringe, 2016

"Just the thought of Daniel Oliver's sardonically sweet, grimly optimistic work makes me break out in sweat. I love it, like the way the tree loves the axe! ” - Stacy Makishi (Performance Artist)

Weird Seance Trailer

Ultimate Dancer with Robbie Thomson // YAYAYA AYAYAY
BSL Interpreted

Ultimate Dancer in collaboration with Robbie Thomson are presenting a work in-progress of YAYAYA AYAYAY - a choreographic and multi-sensory journey into the complex nature of both emotional and physical darkness. In 2015, Ultimate Dancer went into a darkness retreat for five days - a purpose-built room isolated from all light and sound.

Ceremonial darkness as a shamanic tool is a classical method for accessing vibrant unconscious and super-conscious states. The experience was deeply transformative; at times hallucinogenic, emotionally moving, physically painful and has thoroughly inspired the creation of YAYAYA AYAYAY.

Choreography is generally understood to rely on the rules of time and space. YAYAYA AYAYAY will challenge and exhibit how our perceptions of time, space and choreography shift when in contact with sensory overload and deprivation.

This work is being developed with the support from: Movement Research, Tramway, Gessneralle, The Work Room, Dance Base, BUZZCUT, Jerwood Charitable Foundation/AMPS and Creative Scotland.

This event is free to anyone who lives and/or works in Govan. Please contact the BUZZCUT team on if you'd like to attend through this invitation.

Performances will be BSL interpreted

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7pm, £8 (£6) + £1 booking fee, Theatre
14+ accompanied by an adult
Book online / 0141 352 4900