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BUZZCUT Double Thrills with Les Urbaines

Wed 21 September 2022

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English subtitling

BSL interpretation

BSL interpretation

Wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair accessible

Tiran standing in a dark room; lit by 2 lights from each side of the room. They look at the camera clasping their chest.

BLACKMILK TROMPOPPIES - Tiran | Photographs courtesy of Mayra Wallraff

pulsing soundscapes embrace you, a sci-fi world envelopes you, virtuosic dance explores black masculinities, whilst slimes and sludges gesture towards non-human ecosystems.


//BUZZCUT// presents Double Thrills, the first of their monthly nights of radical performance and live art running through September - November. Tonight, we present a line up produced in a collaboration between //BUZZCUT// and Les Urbaines. The Lausanne based festival of emergent aesthetics in visual and sound performance will bring a taste of their festival to Glasgow, with international guests performing alongside Glasgow based artists throughout the night.

Join us in the Theatre at 19:00 and then go and explore slimy & sci-fi worlds, before returning for a mesmerising performance from Tiran & a musical set from I-YVE.


This edition of Double Thrills is presented with funding from Creative Scotland, British Council, Pro Helvetia & support from CCA.


19:00 - 19:30 // Welcome + Performance from Sekai Machache (Theatre)
19:30 - 20:45 // Durational wandering: Clarinda Tse (Creative Lab) + Saturn Akin (Clubroom)
20:45 - 21:30 // Tiran (Theatre)
21:30 - 22:00 // Break
22:00 - 23:00 // I-YVE Music set (Theatre)


blackmilk:trompoppies is the first part of a trilogy titled trompoppies. Trompoppies is an Afrikaans word which describes drum majorettes performing a formation dance in uniform. blackmilk examines one of the choreographic elements of these dances: the precise hand gestures. By merging trompoppies movements with the melodramatic gestures of divas and the gestures associated with black male rap stars, the choreography investigates the distance between African and African American male identity. blackmilk invites a performative dimension into cultural representation of black masculinity and opens it up to a different complexity and sensitivity, one of black male melancholia.

TIRAN is an artist, born in South-Africa, situated between Zürich and Berlin. His performance based practise explores the body inside an unimaginable environment. Using physical depth to create sonic images that deal with the construction of systems, creating experiences that communicate somatic and psychological landscapes beyond the human condition. He has worked and collaborated with Eszter Salamon, Jérôme Bel, Trajal Harrell, Meg Stuart, Ligia Lewis, Andros Zins-Browne, Dorota Gaweda & Eglé Kulbokaite, Price (Mattias Ringgenberg) and with Cullberg ballet under Deborah Hay and Jeftha Van Dinther.

LIGHT DESIGN Fudetani Ryoya, tiran
MUSIC Manuel Riegler, tiran
COSTUME lml studio
THANK YOU TO Nkisi, Kevin Bo, Mateusz Szymanówka, Thyago Sainte


The musical project I-vye is an integral part of the multidisciplinary practice of the artist-researcher Yara Dulac Gisler. In an essayistic approach, she addresses DJing as a vehicle to question power structures, their perpetuation or, on the contrary, their contestation through sound. Through an agile storytelling, I-vye combines heterogeneous sources – breakbeat, violent drums, excerpts of politically engaged speeches, melodic and abstract elements – condensing it or pacing it when necessary, asserting a sensitive and luminous combativity.

Yara Dulac Gisler is a French-Swiss artist based between Zurich and Berlin.

Saturn Akin - Space Sporification

Saturn Akin - Space Sporification

Space Sporification is long-durational and multimedia performance in which Saturn A. acts as a facilitator. The audience is invited into a space of stillness. A plant-like spaceship dances whilst members of its crew narrate bodily experience about Queerness/Transness. Herma, a sensor, measures a collective rhythm.

Saturn’s practice is a conjuration of their own identity (Nb-trans). Their reflection revolves around queerness/non-binariness/transness in regard to technology, body signal sensors and translation into a coding environment. “A productive ambivalence about enlightenment conceptions of selfhood and deconstructs of the body/mind binary at its core”.

Their work is mostly inspired by black and non-black feminist and/or transgender science-fiction authors like Octavia Butler, Pamela Sargent and Bogi Takács. They locate their projects in a future queer heritage in which ideas of planetary exode, (soft) controlling devices, living-spaceships become a vessel for emancipation, mental health care and collective healing.

Clarinda Tse - SHOWER DUSTER

A durational performance unfolding acts of—

A sprinkle spurt of water, dusting the observers, where do we meet?
Lots of roundish shapes, the futurism of your shelf sneak in as caring domestic objects.

Clarinda Tse (she/they) is an interdisciplinary performance maker, bodyworker and facilitator, Hong Kong-born and Glasgow-based. Their work explore emergent compositions of material ecologies and bodies as agency for worlding. Their habitat is sensual, slippery, more-than-human, transitional, drawn from everyday experience, multiplicities of selves, play and cellular reconciliation.

Their work has been shown/ supported by Deveron Projects, Huntly (2022), Take me Somewhere, Glasgow (2022), Tramway, Glasgow (2022), The Work Room, Glasgow (2022), P////ARKT, Amsterdam (2021), David Dale, Glasgow (2021), Ekso Space, Cyprus (2021), Unfix Festival, digital (2021), Present Futures, digital (2021), Transmission Gallery, Glasgow (2020), Bothy Project, Edinburgh (2020), Markey Gallery, Glasgow (2019).

Sekai Machache

The Divine Sky project utilises allegory and performance to tell a complicated history through poesis, immersive storytelling and photography. This series has taken form during the Covid-19 lockdown period when restrictions to our movements have called for establishing new ways of working and structuring artistic output. This work denotes a process of inscribing and re-inscribing thought through automatic drawing with ink on paper, indigo pigment on fabric, performance to camera, layering and overlaying.

All titles of the project are taken from the 12 stages in the indigo dyeing process. These are as follows: Blue of Nothingness, A Hint of Blue, Milky Blue, Lively Blue, Azure Blue, Blue of the Horizon, Ultramarine, Assertive Blue, The Divine Sky, Light Divine Sky, Deep Divine Sky, Profound Divine Sky

This iteration of The Divine Sky project is Azure Blue; a live performance initially facilitated by X Muse at Jupiter Artland in Edinburgh.

Azure Blue begins with the artist veiled, wearing the Blue of the Horizon dress (co-created with Fiona Catherine Powell) they recite a text inspired by Sappho, the poet and ‘tenth muse’ as they carry out a ritual.

Sekai Machache (she/her) is a Zimbabwean-Scottish visual artist and curator based in Glasgow, Scotland. Her work is a deep interrogation of the notion of self, in which photography plays a crucial role in supporting an exploration of the historical and cultural imaginary. Aspects of her photographic practice are formulated through digital studio based compositions utilising body paint and muted lighting to create images that appear to emerge from darkness.

In recent works she expands to incorporate other media and approaches that evoke that which is invisible and undocumented. She is interested in the relationship between spirituality, dreaming and the role of the artist in disseminating symbolic imagery to provide a space for healing against contexts of colonialism and loss.

Les Urbaines

Les Urbaines explores emerging aesthetics over the course of a single weekend. By encouraging the experimentation of alternatives to previously established forms, the festival provides an indispensable — and totally free — opportunity to discover around forty different local and international propositions that open the way for new artistic languages. Les Urbaines mixes visual, sound-based and performative forms throughout nearly a dozen different venues in Lausanne, Renens and Chavannes.

Next edition: December 2-4, 2022

Double Thrills is made possible with funding from Creative Scotland & British Council, Pro Helvetia, and support from CCA.




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This event begins in the Theatre and continues in the Creative Lab and Clubroom


7:00pm — 11:00pm




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English subtitling

BSL interpretation

Wheelchair accessible

Tickets no longer available