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Buzzcut Residency PAIX

Fri 9 April — Fri 7 May 2021


Paix (pronounced pay) is the persona of Gillian Katungi, a session vocalist, performer, and spoken word artist. She loves exploring sound and voice.

Her practice is influenced by the power of personal, interpersonal connection, oral storytelling traditions, healing, nature, abstractions, metaphysics (space, time, being, knowing, identity), belonging, and her ancestral heritage.

With the residency she plans to make a live performance around identity and belonging, rejection, and reclamation through diasporic experience.She'll also touch on mother tongue, borderlessness, liminal space (the space between and being in-between space) and self-love.

The performance will be a sensory experience bringing together and exploring live soundscape, movement, visual art, and theatre, presented in 2021.


BUZZCUT & CCA have partnered to provide a series of residencies for Scotland-based performance artists.