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Camcorder Guerrillas Refugee TV

Wed 19 February 2020

Refugee TV

Refugee TV is a new video channel using the skills and creativity of people who seek refuge or asylum or have migrated to Scotland.

You help make Scotland a richer, more diverse, exciting and attractive country.

Do you want to share your creativity? Can you show us your:
-artworks or music compositions
-recipes or cookery demonstrations
-dances or music videos
-poetry performance or readings
-children’s stories or games
-needlework or design
-short drama works
-magic tricks or great jokes?

Whatever you create, we will work with you to help film and share it!

Refugee TV is a new project by Camcorder Guerrillas – a collective of filmmakers, artists and activists. We are committed to creating stronger communities by offering opportunities to individuals and groups to make films on human rights, welfare and social justice. Refugee TV will meet monthly throughout 2020.




6.30pm - 8.30pm, Free (unticketed), Clubroom
0141 352 4900