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NEW VENUE - TalkSeePhotography Culture and Embracing the Particular in the Universal

Mon 18 June 2018

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Please note this event will now take place at Axiom, 54 Washington St

TSP delighted to announce we are hosting an impromptu panel/discussion event initiated by dr Alasdair Foster ( former director of legendary Fotofeis. Alasdair is currently in Scotland on a Leverhulme Visiting Professorship at University of Dundee. The central focus of Alasdair’s research is participatory culture: the idea that the culture of the community is a shared thing and the creation of all citizens in an ongoing conversation. In this sense the art and artists should not be understood as separate from the community.

To discuss and raise questions about this important point of departure, aim and goal in curatorial practice we have put together a panel consisting of Mia Rivka Gubbay (assistant curator migrantion collections the open museum) and Tiffany Boyle ( ). We are also in conversation with an intersectional artists collective from Edinburgh but in this moment their participation in not confirmed.

This event begs questions such as how can programming initiate a participatory culture, what kind of strategies for inclusion are necessary to put in place to avoid exclusion of narrative experienced by previously marginalised communities? How can communication between institutional circumstances and independent initiatives be made productive in ways that make production of culture participatory and inclusive? How can photography, being an intersectional practice by its very nature, ( the light between subject and camera capturing what happens between "I and Thou") be employed in such a venture?

The event itself is participatory in itself, the panel will make short presentations and the audience is encouraged to take part in the discussion from the get go.

We have had very little time to arrange this event. Any help to spread the knowledge about it is much appreciated. Please share with your communities.




7pm, Free (unticketed), Axiom 54 Washington St
All ages
0141 352 4900