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Catalan Film Festival

Catalan Shorts

Thu 4 April 2024

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SDH captioning

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Wheelchair accessible

A man with a bandaged face walks in a forest. Around it we see a pink spiral that takes us to psychedelia.

TIGRE MÍSTICO / Mystic Tiger

In the ninth version of the Catalan Film Festival, short films will not be the exception. As in previous years, the Cinemaattic team has selected exquisite short films made, produced, or filmed by talented filmmakers from the Catalan universe. In this short film programme, viewers will be able to find a wide range of stories in different formats and genres that will show you a vibrant tapestry of Catalan filmmaking.

Short Film Selection

Dir. Sandra Reina / 2022 / 30'

A bus picks up some passengers on Friday morning to travel the route that brings them closer to the weekend, with their plans, their reflections and their fears. The same bus will pick them up on Sunday afternoon to return them to where they came from.

ANHEL DE LLUM / Longing for Light
Dir. Alba Cros Pellisé / 2023 / 11'

Through a radically personal look, the director explores Barcelona and its light. The sun as a brush that naturally highlights the intimacy of the rooms, friends, lovers and the people around her: her chosen family.

DIE DONAU / The Danube Rivers
Dir. Jaume Claret Muxart / 2023 / 18'

A writer travels along the Danube in search of the river's origin. It is said that its waters come from a badly closed tap in a house. On the way he meets a young fugitive who escapes from his house by descending the river. Does the Young Fugitive come from the source of the Danube? What is his story? A film inspired by Claudio Magris' Danube tales.

TIGRE MÍSTICO / Mystic Tiger
Dir. Marc Martínez Jordán / 2023 / 15'

After suffering a mysterious accident, a man acquires the ability to transgress time/space. However, the unbridled use of this gift will inevitably lead him to discover the true reason behind his power.

Dir. Marga Almirall / 2023 / 16'

Through three different moments, between the sixties, the nineties and the present, the director portrays an emblematic place in Barcelona that has gone from being a marginal corner to becoming one of the epicenters of mass tourism.

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SDH captioning

English subtitling

Wheelchair accessible

Tickets no longer available

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