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CCA / AC Projects Residency Rough Breathing

Mon 29 October — Fri 23 November 2018

Scrutton South 1 CCA AC Res bvhq

Following their recent duo performances, vocalist Nichola Scrutton and clarinettist Alex South will further investigate the use of breath as an improvising tool in live performance. Breathing is at the foundation of vocal and clarinet technique. Here the artists will be exploring the sounds and rhythms of both the moving breath and the bodily breathing process as potential material or as structural devices within free improvisation.

Scrutton and South will draw on a range of breath practices, and hope to explore not only the role of breath in the sound produced by the individual performer, but also its potential in regulating the dynamic and reciprocal flow of sound in an improvising ensemble. They will investigate ways in which the focused use of breath by performers engages the audience, and if, as a kind of ritual, it could lead to radically new states of being for performers and audience alike. The research will span a range of disciplines.

The residency will conclude in a sharing, date to be announced.




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