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Chinese Visual Festival Black Coal Thin Ice | 白日焰火

Sun 26 January 2020

Black Coal Thin Ice800 mcrg

When body parts are discovered scattered across a factory district in Northern China, an ex-detective and his partner take over the investigation which will bring them back to an old case they had never solved.

Awarded a Golden Bear at Berlin in 2014, this film noir revealed director Diao Yinan’s talent to European film festival circles. It will be screened following his latest feature, The Wild Goose Lake (2019).

China | 2014 | Mandarin with English Subtitles | 110 min


五年前,吴志贞(桂纶镁 饰)的丈夫梁志军(王学兵 饰)被警方认定死于一桩离奇碎尸案,当时张自力(廖凡 饰)破案后击毙了持枪拒捕的凶手。五年后,又发生了类似的连环案件,并且这些死者都曾与吴志贞相恋… (豆瓣网站)

中国 | 2014 | 普通话 | 英文字幕 | 110分钟

Part of Chinese Visual Festival.

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