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Chinese Visual Festival In Character

Sun 20 October 2019

In Charactor Still 1 r37v

This documentary by young filmmaker Dong Xueying explores the working conditions of actors in modern China. The film follows a director making a semi-autobiographical feature about the Cultural Revolution, taking thirteen young actors back to that turbulent time by bringing them to a firearms factory in rural Sichuan. Having to wear clothes and listen to music from the period, they start to adapt to the Cultural Revolution spirit, and conflict arises when one actor tries to leave, raising fascinating questions about Chinese society, history and the film industry.

China | 2018 | Mandarin with English Subtitles | 74min


有着文革情节的导演叶京决定拍摄一部半自传电影,为了让13名年轻演员回到文革,他把演员们封闭在四川小镇的一个兵工厂三个月。每天穿着文革时期的服装,听着文革时期的歌曲,他们逐渐融入了当时的文化与情感,当一个演员请假离开时却掀起了一场残酷的批斗会… 一场当代中国语境下的文革实验,一段令人细思极恐的历史重现,到底是戏还是现实?导演董雪莹带你入戏…

纪录片 | 中国 | 2018 | 普通话 | 英文字幕 | 74分钟


Now in its ninth year of screening the best in Chinese-language cinema in the UK, Chinese Visual Festival is bringing three of its most popular films to Glasgow.

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