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Chinese Visual Festival The Wild Goose Lake | 南方车站的聚会

Sun 26 January 2020

Wild Goose Lake 800 8kbu

Gang leader Zhou Zenong is on the run after accidentally shooting a police officer in the midst of a power struggle between motorbike-stealing rival gangs.

The reward for handing him in to the police is a coveted prize which will drive enemies and friends alike to compete for.

In his latest feature, director Diao Yinan revisits the noir genre with a new story, following his acclaimed film Black Coal Thin Ice (2014), which will show on the same day.

This film will screen in partnership with MUBI.

China/France | 2019 | Mandarin with English Subtitles | 113 min


南方某城市,重案队长刘队(廖凡 饰)重金悬赏在逃罪犯周泽农(胡歌 饰)。陪泳女刘爱爱(桂纶镁 饰) 、周泽农曾经的好友华华(奇道 饰)、五年未见的妻子杨淑俊(万茜 饰),各色人等各怀心事,相继被卷入这场罪与罚的追击旋涡。冒险与爱情,人性与救赎,这场特别的“聚会”该如何收场?善恶有道一念之间。
  中国导演刁亦男曾凭借前作《白日焰火》获第64届柏林国际电影节最佳影片金熊奖,凭本片入围第 72届戛纳国际电影节主竞赛单元。(豆瓣网站)

中国/法国 | 2019 | 普通话 | 英文字幕 | 113分钟

Part of Chinese Visual Festival.

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