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Chinese Visual Festival Wrath of Silence | 暴裂无声

Sat 25 January 2020

Wrath of Silence

A young shepherd boy goes missing somewhere in the mines of Northern China.

His father, a local miner, takes the investigation into his own hands and sets off looking for him in the neighbouring villages. His search will draw him into the orbit of local corrupt businessmen and murky deals.

Young director Xin Yukun’s second feature is a beautifully shot action thriller unfolding against impressive decors and starring established actor Jiang Wu and martial arts film veteran actor Song Yang.

China | 2017 | Mandarin with English Subtitles | 119 min


故事发生在偏僻贫瘠的山村之中。张保民(宋洋 饰)是一名矿工,一天,他被妻子翠霞(谭卓 饰)叫回了家,原来,他们的儿子失踪了。带着儿子的照片,不会说话的张保民踏上了寻子之路,途中,他遇见了大资本家昌万年(姜武 饰)的爪牙,两方人马起了冲突,昌万年骗张保民自己知道他儿子的下落,实际上,他隐藏了一个黑暗的秘密。(豆瓣网站)

中国 | 2017 | 普通话 | 英文字幕 | 119分钟

Part of Chinese Visual Festival.

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