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Chto Delat The new materialist time, histories and lines: Public Assembly

Sat 10 August 2019

Chto Delat

How do we understand the forces of transformation impacting our city in the last 30 years? This event aims to examine different material conditions, processes and events of significance from Glasgow since 1989 - and to open a discussion about how these events might help us think about the future.

This event is hosted inside the gallery space, framed by Chto Delat's ongoing timeline work 'Times, Lines and 1989s'.

Join Chto Delat and invited speakers Clarinda Tse (Ricefield Arts), Joey Simons, Neil Gray (Glasgow Living Rent) and Remzije Zeka Sherifi (Maryhill Integration Network), who will share their own pertinent histories, times and lines covering a range of experiences of Glasgow from 1989 to the present day. These invited speakers will discuss their own civic and cultural contexts, examining various cultural shifts and histories. Each speaker has been asked to choose one event from the last 30 years that could be added to a Glasgow timeline, informing a discussion about the differing material, political and social conditions that have brought us to the present today.

Mediated by CCA Curator, Ainslie Roddick. Through this discussion, audience members may also contribute their own events to the timeline/s to the timelines in the gallery space. The gallery space will remain open for the addition of further events throughout the exhibition.


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2pm, Free but ticketed, Galleries
All ages
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