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Latin American Modern Animation

Wed 18 March 2020

We regret this event has been cancelled.

Cinemaattic gathers some of the best animated shorts coming from Colombia, Mexico, Brazil and Portugal among others.

Animation is maybe one of the most inclusive artforms. Moving image, painting, music, every year we are amazed by the quality of artistic animation made in countries like Colombia, Mexico or Brazil. So here it is, the selection of our favourites seen in the last year.

Colombia plays a particular strong presence in the programme as Cinemaattic teams up with Colombia's only Experimental and Visual Arts festival (CineToro) to show some of the country's incredible experimental animation talent.

Exploding with powerful metaphors, surreal landscapes, and haunting images these imaginative animated films were created within a context of a country ravaged by war, illustrating the philosophical and mental struggles of its people in conflict.

Dive into it and travel to a different reality full of colours, noises, textures.