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Co Flow Counselling and Coaching

Tue 17 December 2019

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Co Flow are a small group of practitioners offering person-centred counselling and coaching to adults in the community. They recognise the value of a safe and inclusive space to meet the needs of the community and the individual. Collectively they have experience of working with a broad range of client issues and they welcome all that you may bring to a session.

A person-centred approach places emphasis on ‘being’ versus ‘doing’ and provides a flexible way of working with what emerges within the session or in your day-to-day life. The therapist is there to foster the client's self-discovery through the holding and empathic quality of the therapeutic relationship, which can in turn give space for the client to connect more closely to themselves and others.

Coaching is a non-directive approach which aims to meet the client where they are in their process. A space where the person can think and feel fully. It distinguishes itself from therapy by focusing less on pain and trauma and instead looks at changes to the current reality of the individual’s life.

This invitation is extended to people facing emotional and relational difficulties. If you feel the need for counselling or coaching, or know someone who might benefit from exploring these issues over a twelve-week period please do get in touch. Co Flow offer each one hour session for £25 (£15 concession).

Please contact Co Flow for more information or to arrange a first meeting at

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9am - 5pm, £25 (£15) per session, Clubroom
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