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Red And Black Clydeside

Code Name Jenny

Fri 26 May 2023

English subtitling

Wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair accessible

A child lies on the bed with their head in their hands.

Code Name Jenny

As part of Red and Black Clydeside's Radical Bookfair, they present a screening of Code Name Jenny.

"Code Name Jenny" is a highly topical political feature film. A film that was not interfered with by any production. It was made by critical filmmakers and activists, without money. Filmed at resistant locations in the city of Berlin, where no other camera can get to.

A shift to the right in Europe. Drowned people in the Mediterranean. Fortress Europe is growing against refugees. The climate is breaking down. And the wars are getting closer. Jenny's gang is no longer watching. And acts. But when Jenny's father finds out about their militant ambitions, he has to face his own past as a member of a German urban guerrilla group. And now things get tight for all involved...

A story between love and betrayal, hope and resignation, resistance and friendship.

Shot from an anarchist, feminist and queer angle, subversive and self-deprecating, but always lovingly partisan and intergenerational.




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7:00pm — 8:45pm




Free and unticketed


English subtitling

Wheelchair accessible

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German with English subtitles