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Colombia, Presente!

Fri 23 September 2022

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A man wearing a hat, a peach-colour shirt and jacket is in a crowd of people. He is missing teeth and has clown makeup.

Colombia, Presente!

CinemaAttic kicks off its 22/23 season celebrating the art of Colombian filmmakers and storytellers. A special night with the finest contemporary Colombian short films. From Bogota to Cali, from the cities to the jungle, including the views of Afro-Colombian and Wayuu indigenous communities.

All eyes are set on Colombia. The triumph in the recent elections of leftist candidate Gustavo Petro and Afro-Colombian environmental activist Francia Márquez marks a critical historic moment for Colombia, as the country welcomes the first ever progressive government in its history with a mixture of suspicion, joy and hope. But how to capture the mood of Colombia today?

We seek to approach this question by bringing together a selection of brilliant contemporary films (as well as archive surprises) made by Colombian filmmakers and artists. A night of short films blending Colombia's past, present and future through sacred rituals, political stories, myths, shamans, salsa music, talking sloths, crocodile-men, time-travelers and much, much more. A rollercoasting programme including artistic animation, graphic arts, human rights docs, non-fiction and visually-stunning films.

We include perspectives covering the experience of LGBTQ communities in Colombia, portraying the rebellious, hedonistic urban life of queer youth growing up in Medellin, or the isolation of trans people fighting to be accepted in Wayuu indigenous communities.

From Latin American urban metropolis like Bogota, Cali or Medellin to rural Colombia, to explore the influence of the Afro-Colombian mythology in the Pacific coast, the lush green mountains of the Cauca valley and the arid desert of La Guajira, home of the magic Wayuu indigenous people.

Time in Colombia is perceived in a very particular way, and to understand Colombia’s present we need to blend past, present and future into one same thing; a strong spirited cocktail of violence, tenderness and contaminating salsa music, surrealism, ultra capitalism and indigenous cosmovision.

Make your way in, we have cumbia and salsa, we have an incredible programme of short films to understand Colombian rich and diverse culture.


Yugo - Carlos Gomez Salamanca, Two-Spirit - Monica Taboada Tapia, Son of Sodom - Theo Montoya, It's All the Salt's Fault - Maria Cristina Perez Glez , Zarzal - Sebastian Valencia , Our, Song to War - Juanita Oanzaga, Cali de Pelicula - Luis Ospina (1973)

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