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DIWO [do it with others]

Colouring the music: WHO ARE VJs?

Wed 28 June 2023

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Wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair accessible

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“Colouring the music: WHO ARE VJs?” / talks/workshops with _moventia, VNC.PTK, FERKO

The skills, creativity and knowledge required to create immersive visual experiences as a VJ can be daunting for those who are just starting out. We invite three experienced VJs to share some of the secrets behind their craft, provide practical tips on how to use different tools and gain more confidence. _moventia will talk about his practice as a VJ and underground stage designer, giving insights on how to build immersive clubbing experiences through the use of Touchdesigner, projection mapping, lighting control, interactivity and custom made visual interfaces. Ferko will introduce us to how to use Max MSP for creating your own custom softwares for visual generation. VNC.PTK will talk how she combines multiple programs and media to create a layered outcome, diving into accessibility and how she found herself working with video and 3D, explaining her process and how she managed to land her first creative jobs.

DIWO [do it with others]

The world of independent arts thrives on strong communities and cooperation. For small art and music collectives, like HALF PAST NOW, nothing would be possible without those who share our vision, help us and inspire us. Whatever we do, we don’t do it ourselves, we Do It With Others. With the DIWO event series, we want to highlight the value of creative collaboration and provide an opportunity for like-minded people to exchange ideas and knowledge. Part of the programme will also be dedicated to the ongoing russian invasion in Ukraine and the effects of the war on creative communities.

DIWO comprises four events, each with a different format and theme. To kick off the series, we will host a panel discussion centred around the motivations and experiences of running projects collaboratively. The second event will shine a light on the often underappreciated role of the VJ, with experienced artists sharing their tricks and techniques. Continuing the series, we will present the Easthetics art exhibition, showcasing visual artworks from independent eastern European artists. In the final event, we will discuss how the brutalities of war affect creative expression.

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Wheelchair accessible

Tickets no longer available