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Glasgow Zine Fest

Commonality: Connecting through Speed Artmaking

Sun 9 July 2023

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Wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair accessible

A black and white close-up image of tiles on a wall, text written across the side says "Commonality"

Image courtesy of artist

As individuals, we hold vastly different experiences, expectations, and attributes that form who we are as people. We, as a community, are beautifully complex and asymmetrical, but uncovering a reflection of yourself in someone else can spark warmth and a sense of belonging.

This event will provide a space for people to seek out one thing they have in common with someone else through conversation, and then use different forms of art such as poems, painting, clay, and collages to interpret this commonality. Individuals will move around different tables like a carousel in order to meet new people and find something in common with each person, with each table featuring a different art medium.

Using these different art forms to portray a likeness with someone gives us a chance to see how differently we interpret our thoughts and feelings: the output of our commonality will always be different, and our experiences (no matter how similar and relatable) will always differ in our own lens.

'Commonality' will allow people to exhibit the mosaic of their human experience to give others the chance to find a reflective tessera within it. No matter how small or seemingly trivial, we can find parts of one another that we can relate to and find comfort in that we share experiences. Having a physical reminder that you will never be alone in whatever occurs in your life can be a physical reminder of community and the formation of bonds.


There will be 14 attendees maximum, and the event will feature comfort breaks. During this event, attendees will participate in: hands on activities, sharing work that has been created in the workshop.

This event will take place in the Common Ground space at the Centre for Contemporary Arts on Sauchiehall Street. For information about venue accessibility at the CCA please visit their website.

You may be asked to wear a mask at this event.

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Common Ground


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Wheelchair accessible

Tickets no longer available