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Company of Wolves Winter Training

Thu 3 January — Sun 6 January 2019

Wolves Winter Training

Winter Training is a chance for professional performers, artists, and students to immerse themselves in Company of Wolves' unique body-centred approach to performance.

Based on our work in contemporary improvisation, voice, and Polish laboratory theatre, our training uses movement, song and text to search for ways to be more fully awake and alive in the moment of performance, and for ways to give ourselves fully to our work, our partners and the audience; and awaken the impulses and imagination of the body, and explore how to give these expression in voice, movement and speech.

For the first time, Winter Training 2019 is running for two consecutive four-day workshops, which can be taken individually or together.

Workshop 1: Wake Up! is four days of intense physical, vocal and energetic training with the focus on opening the body and voice to impulse and imagination. This workshop is open to everyone and will be held at CCA.

Workshop 2: Play! builds on the work of the first workshop, looking at ways into performance making from a place of openness and connection. This workshop is open to people with previous performance experience, or as a follow-on from Winter Training Workshop 1 and will be held at GTAC.

Taken individually or together, the weeks of Winter Training are a moment of renewal, a rediscovery of performance as practice, and a reconnection to our sources of inspiration at the turn of the year.

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10am - 5pm, £180 via application, Theatre
Book Online / 0141 352 4900