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Creative Lab Residency

Anna McLauchlan

Mon 8 July — Fri 2 August 2019

Anna McLauchlan

The word ‘dwelling’ is commonly associated with a building, not usually a place of work, but somewhere that you stay (or live), probably for a long period of time. So, what it means to dwell is often wrapped up with legal and practical understandings of residence. The title of a building, the right to a property, is normally owned. But you can dwell in a building you don’t own through leasing or squatting.

Awareness of the conditions of dwelling happen through their disruption. This Creative Lab Residency disrupts my usual way of living and working to form a situated inquiry taking-place in the CCA. Writing, archival research, movement practices and plastic arts are used to think through tenancy and ownership together with how somewhere familiar changes through being in residence.


Anna McLauchlan invites you to join her in the Creative Lab on Wednesday 31 July for an investigation prompted by things in the room.

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