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Creative Lab Residency

Performance by Feronia Wennborg and Alica Tserkovnaja

Tue 27 August 2019

Feronia Wennborg and Alica Tserkovnaja

A performance of instructional scores developed during Feronia Wennborg's Creative Lab Residency, using archive material of the first speech synthesizer - the Voder - as a starting point. Drawing from research on nonverbal vocalisation and translations between text, speech acts and body movement, Alica Tserkovnaja and Feronia Wennborg will play with physical and digital devices to disrupt and reimagine relationships between bodies and voices.

Feronia Wennborg is an artist and experimental musician based in Glasgow, interested in the capacities of sound to carry and produce desire and subjectivity. Alica Tserkovnaja is a performer based in Stockholm, working between dance, mime and visual art, currently investigating consent and boundaries within choreographic practices.

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7pm, Free but ticketed, Creative Lab / All ages
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